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Eyes on me

There's this giant eye. And all around, people look up at it.

The eye looks at you, unendingly, never breaking it's hold. But when you look at it, you simply see yourself, smiling, smiling back down at you. When we look at the eye, our necks begin to crane... the bones begin to ache. Our mouths contort, pouting our lips, hiding our teeth. Our eyes roll upward.

The eye shows us many things. We see the hope of a bright, smiling future. We see the life we want to lead. The friends we want to have. We are heroes, tortured villains, beautiful, smiling faces, our necks crooked back, back. Behind the vision is an emptiness so hollow that we almost can't hide it behind the smiles, smiles the eye gives us. A great vastness that wells in the back of your throat, a desperate moan, the supression of tear stained cheeks. The images on the surface flash/ flash/ flash passed, lingering for only moments as we inhale deeply like a drowning man found shore. The eye stares, and we stare back. And we never, never stop looking.

Anyway I got instagram. If you wanna follow me, it's just a roller coaster of enthusiasm.

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