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A day to avoid everything

Today is Friday the 13th.

Whether or not you're superstitious it's difficult not to feel like there's something sinister in the air. It's impossible for the mathematically minded to believe that a simple date on the calendar could have any effect on your chances of encountering the macabre, and yet sometimes it does. Full moons, for instance, statistically increase the rate of non-murder crimes. Is it not impossible that this combining of days and numbers could likewise correlate with a devious nature behind the scenes in the world? Whether in the hands of unseen gods or in the minds of man, strange things seem to happen on this day. If there wasn't some matter to it, would 17 to 21 million people avoid traveling and leaving the house on this day, to the extent that businesses lose between $800 and $900 million dollars? Would triskaidekaphobia be a thing? Would there be twelve and counting "Friday the 13th" Movies?

I myself will be staying in my safety bunker (an extra large dufflebag full of crumb filled chip bags and most of a bottle of whiskey tucked under my bed) until the day passes. Here, beyond the veil, strange things happen on days like this one

This is a comic that came to me when I couldn't sleep for most of a night. Sometimes I have ideas in the middle of the night and I wake up having forgotten them... I wish this was one of those ideas. Make of it what you won't, because you shouldn't read it anyway.

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