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Something to really gloom up your winter

Ghosts. I don't believe in them. But the shrieking face behind my bedroom door swears that they're real.

It seems so odd that in this modern era of science and wikipedia that something could still be so debatable. Sure, the educated scoff and speak of the believers as if they're nut jobs and crazies, but if you catch them late at night, huddled by just the right fire place with just the right glass of whiskey, we all have that one story. That story about the one night, where you thought you saw something out of the corner of your eye...

But we've been taking photos since the 19th century. There are at least 2.6 billion camera phones on the planet, uploading 6 billion photos a month. Surely, someone, somewhere would have photographed a ghost by now if there really was one out there to photograph. something more than a blurry smudge on a jpeg in a creepy pasta thread.

I don't really believe. But on the rare occasions I'm able to leave this place... On the times when I'm crawling through abandoned buildings under wide open skies... I can feel something in the empty, hollow spaces. Something like...

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