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An exception to the rule

Here's a comic that I think you should read. No, this is not a trap.

Killer Queen is a comic anthology published by the nice people at Red Stylo Media. It is not at all a global conspiracy to sneak subconscious images into your mind to brainwash you into purchasing war bonds.

They have been kind enough to publish my story It's Late as a part of their anthology, and it's available for digital download here. I don't understand where the confusion lies; when I'm not being directed by forces beyond my control to draw comics that are detrimental to the heart and mind of a standard grade human, I like to occasionaly relax by drawing romance comics. It's not all that weird, some people knit.

If you'd like to download my story for slightly less than two bucks, you can do so here. If you want more, you can order the whole anthology here.

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