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If you are, then you've clearly failed to read the name of the site. The posts on here are deadly and have been classified "not for human consumption" by the USDA. These comics will rot your mind from the inside out, just like your grandmother told you they would. Really just awful stuff here.

If you insist on reading the content on this properly labeled website, please be sure to follow these rules:

1. Don't trust anything you read on this page, or for that matter, any other

2. If looking at the comics, direct your face at a 45 degree angle away from the screen and view your computer through only your squinted left eye

3. Lock up all weapons, house pets, and religious literature in a safe space (such as a locker or public storage unit), giving the key to a trustworthy friend or work associate

4. Do not read these comics

Following those rules, you may manage to peruse the site with your sanity intact, but no guarantees from the management.

Good luck, and don't say I didn't warn you.

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